Studio Shot Tuesday: Silk shaded rosebud

Today I shook off the hoop marks from a little silk shaded finish I rolled over from yesterday. 

This is a tutorial piece from Trish Burr's DVD. Overall it's taken about 4 days of my time I think. And surprisingly there hasn't been too much unpicking. 

Critically I should take out the underside of the large leaf. My angle of stitching is wrong especially toward the base of the leaf. But for now it's off the hoop and its in the finishing pile. I'll see how it stands up once I've finished a few more silk shaded pieces. 

I'm intending to make this into a small flat fold with a pocket to form a needle case. This pocket is going to hold a card of John James needles. 

I've two other small Trish Burr designs to do, each about the same size. Then I'm intending to make them into the same size flat fold pocket case finish. Hopefully each of them will be backed with silk dupion.

When I've got the other couple of pieces done I'll follow Vonna Pfeiffer's  wonderful tutorial on flat fold finishing, and add a few tweeks to it to make a pocket to hold my needle cards. 

Vonna Pfeiffer's Twisted Stitcher blog and Video Tutorials on her flosstube channel are amazing resources for finishing items. I've used them so much this year for finishing various ornaments and fobs. I can't recommend them enough! 


zetor said…
Looks great to me! Well done!!

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